Mosaic: Interfaith Youth Action

At Mosaic, youth from different backgrounds and beliefs connect across differences to build community and advance social justice.

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We Are an Interfaith CommunityWe come together to form an interfaith community, learning about each other’s faith and values-based traditions

Our ImpactJust how powerful is it when we come together across differences to celebrate what makes us different and work towards social justice?

Connections Across Divides

We’re building a vibrant and diverse community where we lift each other up.



Mosaic youth are actively creating a better world around them, whether it is through leading interfaith workshops and dialogues for other youth, participating in service projects, advocating their views to lawmakers, or standing up for inclusivity and against bigotry in their communities.



For Youth and Houses of Worship

Community Workshops

For youth and houses of worship

Circles of Action

For youth and community organizations

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Mosaic Programming Partners

  • After-School Programming

    We’re proud to partner with St. Stephen’s Youth Programs.

  • Community Organizing

    We amplify youth voices through our partnership with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.

  • International Partners

    Near and far, we continue to work with others across differences to bring justice and peace to our world.

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Partnerships Partnerships

Religious Leaders, Youth Workers and Community Leaders – This is for you!

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with congregations, schools, and community organizations to empower our youth to come together to learn with and from one another.