Our Promise

Committed to working with you!

Whether you’re a religious leader, educator, parent, or an adult who cares about the young people in your life, Mosaic is dedicated to working with you!

Mosaic aims to support your efforts to raise young people of character, driven to bring about social change through the lens of their own faith traditions and values.

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We Promise We Will Always:

  • Provide space for young people to safely explore their own identities and the identities of those who are different from them.
  • Help young people build deep friendships across lines of difference that society draws, and help them use these friendships as a community of support from which to lead social change and advocacy.
  • Give young people the knowledge, tools, and desire to become actors for positive social change, not just in the future as adults, but right now.
  • Create a space where the physical and emotional safety of young people is always our top priority, even while asking participants to grow and stretch beyond their comfort zone.
  • Respect the religious beliefs and practices of all our participants. (This includes making every effort to accommodate religious dietary needs, prayer practices, and other religious practices throughout our programs).
  • Encourage young people to draw from the elements of their faith traditions and values that most speak to them and use these teachings to find common ground with those who are different from them.

We Promise We Will Never:

  • Push a singular viewpoint on anyone. In all matters, youth in Mosaic will be asked to consider multiple views, engage in conversation across difference, and think critically to form their own opinions.
  • Proselytize or allow anyone associated with Mosaic to attempt to convert others to a different religion or faith.
  • Allow your child to participate in the prayers or religious practices of other faiths. Fostering a deep respect for religious observances different from one’s own is at the very heart of the interfaith learning that occurs in Mosaic. At times, Mosaic youth are invited to “observe with respect” during the worship services of others’ faith and encouraged to ask questions afterwards, a powerful experience of mutual trust. Mosaic does NOT, however, practice “interfaith prayer” or allow participation in one another’s services. While these can be meaningful in adult interfaith dialogue, they are not appropriate for children.
  • Define who may participate in our programs. At times, our programs include sharing religious practices, beliefs, and customs with one another. We do not define what practice means to families, and we welcome children of all observance levels (including none).