About Mosaic

Our Mission

For over a decade, Mosaic: Interfaith Youth Action has brought young people from diverse religious communities together across differences to contribute to the common good. We use an interfaith lens as both a call to action and basis for our mission:

To bridge society’s divides, creating more just, peaceful, and equitable communities through interfaith connection and action.

Our Vision

We envision a society where youth are active participants in the construction of a more just, equitable, and peaceful world, where collaboration across divides is the norm.
With a collaborative youth-adult effort, Mosaic aims to contribute to this vision, providing the space and tools to create intentional diverse community, and act collectively for social justice.

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Our Core Values

Mosaic uses the following guiding principles as both the foundation of how we do our work and how we interact with others. These core values represent what we stand for and form the basis of the strategies we use to fulfill our mission, guiding us when we make decisions and deliver our programs.

  • We delight in our common humanity and in discovering our different cultures, identities, and beliefs.
  • We strengthen and amplify youth voices and leadership.
  • We bridge social divides to impact our communities’ most pressing problems.
  • We cultivate joy and friendship.
  • We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization.
  • We practice openness and integrity as we continually learn and improve.
  • We lift each other up.
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Who We Work With

We work with diverse youth living in Boston and its surrounding areas. We create communities of learning and action that cross lines of religion, culture, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, neighborhood, levels of privilege, disability and ability.

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How We Work

Youth come together year-round to build community—not in spite of their unique identities but precisely because of them, with a specific focus on their religious values—participating in experiential education where they “learn by doing”. Through this experiential learning, youth become aware of how their beliefs, values, and practices can contribute to a more just and civil society. Mosaic operates out-of-school time programs that are designed to prepare young people to become life-long agents of change.

Program participants grow and develop experiencing four distinct and interrelated modalities of learning:

  1. eye opening experiences and relationships,
  2. skill and knowledge building,
  3. acting for social change together as bridge builders, and
  4. developing their own authentic identity, values, and beliefs in line with their vision for a more just peace and equitable world.

These four modalities contribute to a cyclical development of learning for the young person, where they continually deepen their fulfillment of the outcomes through greater engagement with Mosaic programs and community.

OUTCOMES: Mosaic participants fulfill three long-term outcomes that make our vision a reality:

  1. Youth identify as members of a diverse and interfaith community
  2. Youth bridge divides in their communities and beyond
  3. Youth identify and act as social action changemakers

Mosaic youth are active participants in changing our world for the better—not just as future leaders—but as leaders right now. Supported and nourished in a robust and diverse community, they understand their central role in the creation of a better world, both identifying as changemakers and taking action to make their visions for a better world a reality.