Become a Community Partner

These are exciting times to be in middle or high school! All across the globe, young are making their voices heard for a better world. Today more than ever, young people are among the loudest voices on issues like climate change, gun violence, immigration, and racial justice and equity. It is the world’s young people, often coming together from all backgrounds, that are stirring, organizing, calling for, and effecting change.

At Mosaic we know just how eager our young people are to be part of that change. We also realize just how important it is that individuals and communities come together to learn from each other to bring about radical and lasting change. We believe strongly that young people from different faith traditions and backgrounds, equipped and ready to heal this world, are a force to be reckoned with. We want to partner with youth and provide them the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with other young people, and work together to change the world.

At Mosaic we believe in collaboration for the greatest impact. We believe that we must have strong partnerships in order create lasting and sustainable change. Mosaic has built strong relationships with over 50 houses of worship, schools, and community partners in the Greater Boston area and collaborates with a variety of organizations. Mosaic is always looking to expand with community partners throughout the Boston area to deliver the greatest impact to our youth.